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"Three Faces of Death Feat Chester P"

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Recorded & Produced by Tom SQNC
Vocals Written & Performed by
Macular, Robin Hood, Wukash & Chester P

©Stone Circle UK 2018



Welcome to the last supper,
think fast, hit a large number
My glass cutter slice straight through the ass butter
Face hugger, chase you like the night stalker
Fight talker , move in the right order
My thoughts are , facilitate a mic slaughter
3 Fod , Chester P the sky walker
You aren't ready seek shelter from the rampage
The hand-made mace handle suede, like the lampshade
Sleep chatter , creep into deep matter
Until my feet bartered , eaten like the meat platter
Unique chapter, reveal what the real raps are
Concealed actors , disappear from the fear factor

-Robin Hood

Allow the mumble rap
I ain't feelin none of that
I'm far to long in the tooth
You're young n wack
You'll be runnin back
I run tracks till my lungs collapse
Fat gut from eatin m.c.s the hungers back
Son relax to me you're lookin like a yummy snack
Its time to feed and we ain't leavin a bloody scrap
Got this under raps chop you down like a lumberjack
When writin lightnin flashes and thunder claps
E Honda style hit you with a hundred slaps
tumble down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland
the sun is back burn rappers(wrappers) like a drug relapse
cause they shook like a rumble pack.


Solar plexus poker
Flinging spanners
Like ohurorhan
Turn up at your social
locals looking shook
And over prang
Skullafilli villain never sober
Known to choke a man
I'll Rope a dope your folks
And leave them floating
Like the Donya paz
Known to spaz
Roll with Infidels
Approaching holy lands
Heathen team of raiders
Take your throne
And throw your bones
To rats
These are facts
Solid gold scriptures
From a land of sand
Walking through the desert
Like sicario
With strap in hand
Fuck your plans
Blacking out the van
And snatching all your fans
Gaffertape a rapper
Leave him hanging
Like your yatties ham
The Meat locker
Filled up with horror
We Probably should be banned
Stepping up with Chester p
And dead you where your standing fam

-Chester P

My rap stays
Underneath the ground like the bat cave
Knuckle headed villain running gods
Through the rat race
Slap demonology
Trapped within a bad case
Of dark days
Blazay with a death stake
Im breath taking
Night bred me like wes craven
Sub zero my combat will test raiden
In the shadows like the next fagin
My mind states Like a blind date
With horror to impress Satan
Stow your glory
While your busy bragging
Im Black bagging any rapper
With a cannon full of gritty crackens
On the corner as the city blackens
Im safer than a Ruby in the shadows
of a pit of dragons
Bring a tazor to the Fantazia
My plan razor sharp
Data spark certified land quaker
Fuck a handshake
I'll bounce you off a sky skraper
Skywalker Slap you with the hand of Vader
My life's taladaga nights
Under Mandrake of raps capers
Thoughts course like sandpaper
Bring an army of the Shinogami
Hasidic swarmis killer Triffids
Swarming on your Quiddich party
Stay coded like fibonacci
See me bring a dart sharp enough
To blast you out your big huaraches
Call me Hydra
Walk like a drunk tiger
This whole milarky is
The makings of a frontliner.


released December 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Stone Circle UK

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